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Check our menu and select at least 6 itens that you like the most. They will be automatically included in your bag.

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We cook...

Thinking of yout healh and happiness, our meals are always prepared with fresh premium ingredients - never ever frozen.

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Select the best day for you. We'll take care of it by delivering twice a week.

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Convenient and healthy! Ready in 3 minutes - that means more time for what matters most to you.


Welcome to Nutriente's website! We offer fitness lunches for delivery and are 100% committed to bringing delicious and nutritious meals to your home or office. Our fit foods are prepared with selected and high quality ingredients, always thinking about your health and well-being. In addition, we offer Vegan options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. We have options for weekly Fresh Food Combos to make your routine easier and ensure that you always have a healthy and tasty meal at your disposal.

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What Our customers says

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Abby D.

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the fit lunchboxes I purchased. The dishes are fresh, well seasoned and helped me maintain a healthy eating routine."

Marie M.

"The fit lunchboxes you bought are a real delight! Dishes are prepared with selected ingredients and very well seasoned, providing a unique gastronomic experience. I'm impressed!"

Ryan B.

"Buying fit lunchboxes was the best decision I ever made! In addition to saving time in the kitchen, the dishes are extremely tasty and well seasoned. Now, I have healthy and tasty meals every day."

William S.

"The meals are not only incredibly tasty but also perfectly portioned and packed with nutritious ingredients. I love how I can customize my lunchboxes to suit my dietary needs. Highly recommended!"